Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello... I'm Zazzy

Hello Everyone I'm Zazzy, and I am just a girl on a journey to reclaim my inner geek that I worked so hard to hide from people, that I forgot she was there myself.
I was always happy being a geek, but I found that some did not appreciate me being a geek and I didn't enjoy being an outcast. After I got married, for many years I hid that side of myself to "make friends" in the "real world" and started to discover I didn't have all that many "real friends" because they became friends with the "fake me". I only showed them the fake me because I was afraid of what they would say. That ends for me here and now. I have rediscovered things that I love and I am passionate about and I have found that I (and my husband) am much happier now that I am rediscovering what made me who I am I am out to find the inner geek and bring her out into the daylight and be myself.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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