Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stuff that makes me smile Saturday!

Just going to share a few things that make me smile every Saturday they may be stories or things that I wish I could afford, or things that I own.

Today is about Star Trek since that is what started this whole journey for me.

First is a fantastically funny book about Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Memories of the Future by none other than the King of the Nerds, Wil Wheaton. I had been wanting this book for a few years and just never had the money or the frame of mind to actually purchase it until a few weeks ago (the Price of the book BTW is $19.87 which is the year TNG started airing on TV) , but i had listened to Mr. Wheaton's Memories of the Futurecast podcast and it was fantastic. I received my book last night and finished it already, I was literally laughing out loud and getting funny looks from The Husband. If I ever meet Wil Wheaton at a Con (planning to go to our first con in May) I will have him sign my book because it really made me laugh.
If You are a fan of Star Trek and familiar with TNG you should check this book out at this link to Wil Wheaton's blog.

Second on the things that make me smile list this Saturday is THIS. If you are a Trek Fan, you need no explanation as to why I would want it.

And Lastly is the Star Trek Scene It? game. I would love to have this game in my collection so that I would finally have a trivia game that I could beat The Husband at :-)

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